Octavian Thor Pleter and Cristian Emil Constantinescu, University Politehnica of Bucharest, 060042 Bucharest, Romania and Irina Beatrice Stefanescu, Romanian Space Agency, 010362 Bucharest, Romania

Abstract: In the future ATM implementations based on 4D trajectories, both the ATM (safe separation, sequencing for the best runway utilization) and the flight management problems (the best fuel efficiency) may be solved together using a multidisciplinary optimization of the 4D trajectories of all aircraft using the system simultaneously. The paper advances an objective function for the optimization process, which effectively models the total costs and risk of air navigation. The resulted gate-to-gate 4D trajectories are “flyable” (they are generated by a dynamic model flight simulator for the specific type of aircraft, with the individual initial FMS data), and are the best cost-risks trade-offs. The paper also reveals the results of some simulated experiments using genetic algorithms to minimize the objective function presented.

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