The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering organized three Sections of Students Scientific Conferences on 12 May 2017. In each Section, the Conference Board selected 4 papers which got awards: 1st Prize (400 lei), 2nd Prize (300 lei), 3rd Prize (200 lei) and Mention (100 lei).

Section 09-01 Aircraft, Propulsion Sistems and Air Navigation <program>

1st Prize Adina Ungureanu Study on Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability, Supervisor Conf. dr. ing. mat. Alina Bogoi

2nd Prize Alexandra Stăvărescu DNS and LES Algorithms to Calculate Incompressible Flow, Supervisor Prof. dr. ing. Sterian Dănăilă

3rd Prize Bogdan Andrei Danciu Space Vehicles Orbital Maneuvering and Rendezvous, Supervisor Prof. dr. ing. Ion Stroe

Mention Răzvan Pandele Flight Trajectory Cost Sensitivity Analysis, Supervisor Conf. dr. ing. Octavian Thor Pleter

Section 09-02 Avionics and Aircraft Systems, Aeronautical Engineering and Management <program>

1st Prize Ionuț Cosmin Vasile Comparativ Analysis of Conventional Launcher Solutions. Assessment of possibilities to build a Microlauncher. Performance, Numerical case studies. Supervisor Prof. dr. ing. Teodor Viorel Chelaru

2nd Prize George Dobrogeanu Design, Simulation and Validation of a Helicopter Automated Flight Control System, Supervisor Prof. dr. ing. Adrian Mihail Stoica

3rd Prize Diana Andreea Cojeanu, Mihai-Viorel Bantaş, Georgiana Ichim, Delia-Dumitrița Vițalaru Considerations Regarding the Marketing Strategy of AIR FRANCE, Supervisor Prof. dr. ing. Sorin Zaharia

Mention Mihaela Trandafir Digital Test Platform of Aviation Tachometers, Supervisor S.l. dr. ing. Mihai Barbelian

Section 09-03 Enginering Graphics and industrial Design

1st Prize Ana-Maria Reinhart, Faculty of Power Engineering

2nd Prize Alexandru Lucian Stanciu, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

3rd Prize Marian Tănasie, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

Mention Daniel Marian Mănăsescu, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

In the same time, the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering students won prizes at Conference Sessions and Competitions of other Faculties:

Strength of Materials Competition C. C. Teodorescu, Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems

2nd Prize, Local Phase Petru Bogdan Cojocaru

Session of Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

1st Prize Anca Mihaela Istrate

1st Prize Radu Andrei Tănase

2nd Prize Sorin Andrei Negru

2nd Prize Andrei George Andrei

2nd Prize Alin Botea

Session of English Language, Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages

3rd Prize Lidia Motfolea, Anca Stan The Future is Supersonic, Supervisor Lect. dr. Doina Comanețchi

Mention Iliuță Daniel Dogaru, Dan Matei Petrache EM Drive, Myth or Reality?, Supervisor Lect. dr. Elena Savu

Students Competition in Mathematics Traian Lalescu

University Phase:

2nd Place: Delia Dumitrița Vițalaru și Mihai Vlăduț Hothazie

3rd Place: Alexandru Florin Ciocan

National Phase:

1st Place: Delia Dumitrița Vițalaru

Mentions: Mihai Vlăduț Hothazie și Alexandru Florin Ciocan



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