Tomorrow’s generation is a constant theme at ESA . Two new activities for students from all ESA member states (Romania is a full member from December 2011) are currently enrolling:

  • Concurrent Engineering Challenge deadline 27 July 2017 – “ESA’s Education Office is looking for 22 talented and motivated university students from an ESA Member or Associate State with an engineering or physics background to take part in the Concurrent Engineering Challenge at the ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Centre in ESA Redu Centre, Belgium.
  • Student experiments wanted for high-altitude science deadline October 16, 2017 – “BEXUS (Balloon Experiment for University Students) and REXUS (Rocket Experiment for University Students), are fantastic opportunities for ambitious students.”

We already have experience! Team LOW-GRAVITY  composed of UPB students successfully participated in  RX16 campaign (launched 28 May 2014). Our faculty was then represented by Camil Muresan.