Catia Lab is the laboratory by which UPB – Aerospace Engineering Faculty and ALTEN Delivery Center Bucharest (GECI Engineering Services) lay the foundations of the next generation of aircraft design engineers.
We invite all interested students wishing to learn more about CATIA to join this optional course held by Mr. Fernando Petre, member of CATIA Champions Program of Dassault Systèmes, with over 35 years experience in aerospace design.

The course will take place in the first semester of the academic year 2018-2019. The course is flexible and will be specially tuned for the audience.

We will organize a group of 24 students. Eligibility requires 4th Year students of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. 3rd Year students may be accepted on remaining places. Applications are expected at from Tue 9 Oct 9 am until Thu 11 Oct 6 pm and will include student’s full name, group and motivation, degree of involvement and expectations from the course. If demand will exceed capacity, students with a clean academic record or with few resits will be preferred, also the personal involvement in the field of the course, as well as the expedience of the application. 4th Year will have priority over 3rd Year since the latter may have the same opportunity next year.

The course will start of Fri 12 Oct 8 am in Room Polizu G2 and will last for 12 weeks, approximately 4 hrs weekly. Participants who get results will get a diploma.

For details please read the ALTEN announcement.