Air Transport Engineering (ATE) taught entirely in English is a modern multidisciplinary master program, founded in 2013, aligned to the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) strategy of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It is the only aerospace engineering master program in English still available in Romania. ATE started in 2013 and had its first promotion in 2015. Since then, aerospace engineers graduated each year, and currently they have important positions and jobs, in Romania, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Switzerland. The next table presents information on all ATE alumni, since 2015 until 2021. It is remarkable that some graduates have already got to managerial positions, and all the jobs are relevant.

In 2021 there were less candidates for the program than needed, so the program was not organized. Air Navigation alumni preferred Western Europe master programs (TU Delft, Cranfield, ENAC Toulouse). It is worth analyzing though the advantages of this program in Romania: first of all it is free. The costs of Western Europe similar programs and the costs of living there could be significant. Moreover, studying in Western Europe is not compatible with working for a full time job, as it is the case with ATE. The program curricula is generous and diversified, providing multiple professional openings, from aerospace scientific research, aeronautical safety and security, astronautics and space technology, air navigation services, aircraft maintenance, flight operations, etc.



Graduates 2015   Job/Position in 2022 Former jobs/positions
BĂETU V. Cristina lead engineer, TATA Technologies ex ROMAERO, ex. Renault Group
DIACONESCU A. Răzvan-Alexandru specialized referent la Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Română ex. design engineer la TEMA Engineering
NECUŢĂ E. Andrei captain pilot TAROM
PETRE S. Roxana-Alexandra assistant professor UPB, Department of Mechanics
RADA (YOUNG) B. Silvia-Elena (moved to Oklahoma, US)
STROIE I. Alina-Gabriela
URSACHI D. Georgiana engineer EUROCONTROL MUAC Maastricht, Netherlands ex. ROMATSA
Graduates 2016  
BULICHI F. Andrei-Emilian MCC Duty Engineer Wizzair, Hungary ex. Alitalia, TAROM, Northern Aerotech
DOBRE L.C. Andrei-Mihai engineer aeronautical safety Fly ex. TAROM
GHIŢĂ M. Abel Cat A Aircraft Technician at RAS Technic ex. Lufthansa Technik
JAKAB I. István-Barna vicepresident CJ Covasna ex. engineer Blue Air, ex. Premium Aerotec, ex. Airport of Brașov
MIHAI A.I. Monica-Mihaela Office Manager at S.C. Total Quality Aviation Services S.R.L
MUREŞAN P.R. Radu-Adrian Full Stack Developer at SMS group GmbH ex. MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd
VLAD C. George-Daniel QA Automation Engineer ex. Lufthansa Technik
VLAD Gh. Monica safety expert Skyguide, Geneva, Elveția ex. ATM/AIS Business Analyst; Project Management ASBU for future, Fridrichshafen, Germania
Graduates 2017  
ALSALEH Dhifaf Muhi Safi (moved to Iraq)
BADEA I. Toni mechanical design engineer AKKA Technologies
BURTESCU E. Bogdan-Nicolae engineer EUROCONTROL MUAC Maastricht, Netherlands ex. JLG
MAYSAM Mohammed Abd Aljabar Alhalawi (moved to Iraq)
NAJI Anees Muqdad Naji (moved to Iraq)
POHONŢU E. Ioana business development manager EMEA ex. GMV
POTLOGIA B.I. Mircea – Andrei engineer technical manager TAROM
Graduates 2018  
BÎRSAN I. Gabriela quality specialist EUROCONTROL, MUAC, Maastricht, Netherlands ex. JLG
CAZAN C. Alexandra flight operations engineer Blue Air
COJOCARU F. Andrei-Filip engineer Deimos Space Romania ex. GMV
COMAN M. Livia-Carmen mechanical design engineer CERN, Geneva, Switzerland ex. GKN Aerospace, GECI
FELCHER L.I. Andreea-Alexandra Safety Analysis Inspector at AIAS
MANOLE L. Mircea Claudiu turnaround coordinator at Menzies Aviation ex. flight operations assistant Blue Air
ONEL M. Violeta Aviation Safety and Quality Specialist at ROMAERO ex. RAS, Blue Air
PETRE M.O. Cezar Dan Transport Consultant – EU Infrastructure at EY, Bruxelles, Belgium
PREDA G. Emilian-Costas
VITALIA A. Andrei turnaround coordinator Menzies Aviation ex. engineer Alitalia Maintenance Systems
Graduates 2019  
ANASTASIU C.C. Cătălin ATM validation at NATS, Belgium ex. flight data analyst Blue Air
BURTEA C. Elena-Narcisa research assistant COMOTI
CĂPĂŢÎNĂ V. Mihaela Instrument Flight Procedure Designer at Regional Air Suport
GUIMARD Benjamin Overall Design Engineer Intern chez FLYING WHALE, Britanny, France
IACOB O.D. Bianca-Luana Simulation Product Manager at Micro Nav Limited, Bournemouth, UK
JEANDEL Barthelemy Chef de projet ingénierie, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées Centre Val de Loire, France
NICEA S. Camelia ANS Expert at ITV Consult AG, Zurich, Switzerland
VASILE C.I. Alexandra – Paula ATM consultant at Think Research, Bornemouth, UK
LIN Y. Anca-Meili Senior Systems Engineer, Leonardo, Southampton, UK
Graduates 2020  
ALEXA S.R. Radu-Călin
ALUPULESEI D. Roxana-Elena Instrument Flight Procedure Specialist at Regional Air Suport
BĂNDILĂ D. Valentin Ştefan flight operations engineer Blue Air
CROITORU (IVAN) S. Antonia-Nicoleta GNSS Engineer at Romanian InSpace Engineering (RISE) ex. ISS
MĂCIANCA F. Valentin-Gabriel pilot Aeroclubul României
MITEA M. Maria-Andrada Instrument Flight Procedure Designer & Quality Assurance Manager la Regional Air Suport- Flight Procedure Division
NEAGU I. Ioana-Alexandra Junior Information Technology Consultant at Romanian Business Consult ex. Technical Contacts Manager Blue Air
SOCACIU-NEMEŞ M. Denisa Customer Service Specialist la TELUS, Cluj Napoca
STANCA C. Andreea Instrument Flight Procedure Specialist at Regional Air Suport
STĂTESCU G.P. Marcel-Ştefan Junior Software Developer at Genpact
TĂRĂBÎC I. Andrei-Eugen Guidance, Navigation & Control Engineer at DEIMOS SPACE Romania ex. GMV
Graduates 2021  
COJOCARU I. Petru-Bogdan assistant professor UPB, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
DAVID D. Roxana-Antonia Air Traffic Controller Trainee ROMATSA
FLOREA V.L.A. Andrei manager ATM at JLG
GHEORGHE I.E. Mădălina-Maria Engineer at Expleo Group ex. TAROM
LĂPUŞNEANU M.C. Andrei-Alexandru engineer at Institutul de Științe Spațiale (ISS)
MANDOC C. Andrei-Cristian Aerospace Engineer – Laboratory of Composite Materials at INCDT – COMOTI
MICU G. Miruna-Cristina CAMO Engineer at TOYO AVIATION
PLĂMĂDEALĂ R.A. Andrei-Valentin Embedded Software Engineer at GMV ex. Expleo Group
PRISTAVU M. Ionela – Larisa Business Analyst at JLG Consulting
SIMION B. Andrei-Dragoş
STRUŢ V. Adina-Mihaela master student
TIPHAINE Felix Paul Martin Ingénieur Structure chez Gitana, Lorient, Britanny, France


We encourage the aerospace engineering bachelor graduates to enrol in the successful program. For admission, candidates may register between 1 and 11 July 2022 for an interview scheduled in in the interval 13-15 July 2022. There is also an admission session in September. Please check the site of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering.



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