The 14th Conference of the European Aeronautical Sciences Network will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 8-11 October 2024. The annual EASN conference grew into the most important aerospace event in Europe. The presented papers have a number of publishing options, including high impact factor ISI. As moderator of the section on Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Airports, I extend my invitation to the scientific community and to Alumni to participate with papers at the conference and especially in this section. To register and abstract submissions, please access <EASN Conference>.

Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Airports Subjects

Managing the safe and efficient flow of air traffic requires increased efforts from the aerospace scientific community. ATM remains a bright spot on the innovation chart. There are several questions facing the ATM system and the airports as key components, which this section tries to address:

(i) Flight trajectory optimization problems which may improve CO2 and non-CO2 aviation footprint.

(ii) At the EASN Conference 2023, one of the key questions was why the number of safety incidents increased, especially runway incursions on busy airports, in spite of the unprecedented levels of aviation safety? In January 2024, the collision at Tokyo Narita Airport confirmed this concern and validated the use of incidents as a leading indicator of accidents. Engagement of the scientific community in aviation safety is expected to increase, especially in the ATM and Airports segment. How can aviation safety be further improved?

(iii) What are the effects of the increasing unlawful interferences with the GNSS signals and other security challenges caused by the war on aviation? How resilient is civil aviation to GNSS jamming and spoofing? How could the risks of GNSS outage be mitigated?

(iv) How can AI tools be employed to solve ATM and airport problems?

(v) Urban mobility and U-space challenges to the traditional ATM: UAV/UAS and RPAS integration in the airspace. How can urban mobility traffic interfere with the classic VFR and IFR traffic, especially around busy airports?

Those who have been to EASN Conferences before know the excellent opportunities to connect to the newest research in aerospace and also to spend quality time visiting the host city. I expect the papers to have the same high level of relevance and the high quality of the participants.

Deadline for abstracts: 31 May 2024. Early bird registration: 31 July 2024.

Octavian Thor Pleter

EASN National Contact Point for Romania



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