Doctoral Studies




The Doctoral School of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering brings together ten advisers covering a broad thematic in aerospace engineering.


NoPhD SupervisorFieldSpecializations
1Corneliu BERBENTEAerospace EngineeringFluid Dynamics
2Teodor Viorel CHELARUAerospace EngineeringFlight Dynamics
Space dynamics
Guidance Laws
3Horia DUMITRESCUAerospace EngineeringTheory of boundary layer
Aerodynamics of rotating wings
4Ion FUIOREAAerospace EngineeringOut of autoclave aircraft composite structures technology
Aircraft structures health monitoring
Aircraft structure vibration diagnosis
5Stelian GALETUȘEAerospace EngineeringFluid mechanics and aerodynamics Hydro-dynamic lubrication
Air Navigation
6Romulus LUNGUAerospace EngineeringAircraft and rocket flight control
Gyroscopic equipments and devices
Avionics and navigation systems
7Mihai NEAMȚUAerospace EngineeringAerodynamics
Aircraft preconcept
8Virgil STANCIUAerospace EngineeringAerospace propulsion systems and industrial applications
Gas turbines and wind turbines
History of the aerospace propulsion systems
9Adrian-Mihail STOICAAerospace EngineeringAutomatic flight control systems
Estimation and filtering
Stochastic control
10Sorin-Eugen ZAHARIAMechanical EngineeringAirport infrastructure
Airport management
Handling equipment
11Mihai Aureliu LUNGUAerospace EngineeringModern Control Architectures

Regulations for Doctoral Studies (in Romanian)

Procedura Admitere Doctorat UPB 2017

Regulament Finalizare Studii Doctorat UPB 2017


Forms (in Romanian)

Referat privind parcurgerea stadiului doctoral

Raportul conducătorului de doctorat privind raportul de similitudine

Proces-verbal al comisiei de îndrumare

Model unic propunere comisie teză de doctorat

Declarație privind opțiuni publicare

Declarație pe proprie răspundere

Cerere pentru fixarea datei de susținere publică

Cerere demarare procedură antiplagiat


UPB-FIA Doctoral School

Facultatea de Inginerie Aerospaţială 
Local Polizu, Sala A145 
Victoria Rozeanu 
tel: 021402 38 12 


Scientific reports session

10 Dec 2019

Presentation of the scientific reports, part of doctoral preparation plan, take place between 02-06 December 2019. The list of reports can be found here

Scientific reports session

15 June 2019

Presentation of the scientific reports, part of doctoral preparation plan , will take place between 15-22 June 2019. The schedule can be found here


Scientific reports session

11 May 2018

Presentation of the scientific reports, part of doctoral preparation plan , will take place between 20-22 June 2018.

In exceptional circumstances (departures abroad, etc.) we will provide the necessary infrastructure to support the scientific report via Skype.

Please, communicate to the secretariat of the doctoral school the chosen date for presenting the report until June 13, 2018, after you have previously established this date by mutual agreement with your PhD coordinator and the members of your guidance commission.

Scientific reports session

18 Dec 2017

The list of research reports presented in December session can be found here.

Scientific reports session

08 Nov 2017

Between 13 and 15 December 2017, the Doctoral School of Aerospace Engineering organizes a research presentation session for doctoral students in year 2 and up.

 In order to facilitate the planning of this session PhD students are asked to establish together with their supervisor the date and time of the presentation and to communicate this information to the secretariat of the Doctoral School until December 4, 2017.

PhD students enrolled in October 2017 have to complete the Advanced Study Program and will bring to the secretariat of the Doctoral School a completed and signed catalog sheet until  December 15, 2017 .

Scientific reports session

03 May 2017
Presentation of the PhD students’ scientific reports will take place between 21-23 June at the doctoral school headquarters, G02 room. Please, until June 14th, communicate to the Secretariat of the Doctoral School the date chosen for your the presentation.