Structure and Management

Public Contest for Dean 2020-2024

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the University Politehnica of Bucharest announced the public contest for the position of Dean in the 2020-2024 mandate on 13 December 2019. Applicants submitted applications on 6-7 January 2020. UPB staff or any other university staff from Romania or from abroad have been accepted. Hearings in the Faculty Council will take place in the meeting of 16 January 2020, 2 pm in the Room Polizu I-013 Elie Carafoli. By secret vote, the members of the Faculty Council will endorse those candidates whom they consider to fit the position. Candidates endorsed by the Faculty Council will participate in a contest organized by the Rector between 20-28 January 2020. Contest methodology in Romanian may be downloaded <here>.

Dean Candidates 2020-2024 registered and legally endorsed are the following (in alphabetic order):

  1. Crunțeanu, Daniel Eugeniu   <CV+List of Publications>  <Managerial Program>
  2. Dănăilă, Sterian <CV+List of Publications>  <Managerial Program>
  3. Pleter, Octavian Thor <CV+List of Publications>  <Managerial Program>

In case that the Faculty Council does not endorse at least two candidates, the contest will enter a second stage with a calendar  <as follows>.

In the 16 January 2020 meeting of the Faculty Council, the three candidates have been endorsed by secret individual vote as follows: Assoc. Prof. D. Crunțeanu (23), Assoc. Prof. O. T. Pleter (17), Prof. S. Dănăilă (15).

Results of the competitions for the position of Dean of Faculty of Aerospace Engineering for the 2020-2024 mandate.

The winner of the contest was declared Assoc. Prof. Daniel Eugeniu Crunțeanu.

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (FAE) is one of the 15 faculties of the University Politehnica of Bucharest. The University is led by the Senate, and the executive management belongs to the Rector.

The faculties are not legal persons, thus they are represented only by the Rector directly, or indirectly by the designated Vice Rectors, in relationship with third parties. The Dean has only a mandate of representation limited at the professional level, not at the legal or the institutional level.

The Management of the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

FAE consists of three Departments, a Doctoral School, and a Research Centre:

  • Department of Aerospace Sciences ”Elie Carafoli”
  • Department of Aeronautical Systems Engineering ”Nicolae Tipei”
  • Department of Engineering Graphics and Industrial Design
  • FAE Doctoral School
  • Research Centre for Aeronautics and Space

The management of the faculty is provided by the Faculty Council, consisting of 29 members, faculty staff, university staff who teach the faculty students, and students:

Faculty Council Members Table CF 2016-2020

The Faculty Council meets every 2-6 weeks and is taking strategic decisions, and validates the decisions of the Faculty Executive Board.

Summary of Decisions of the Faculty Council in the 2016-2020 mandate (in Romanian)

The executive management of the faculty is provided by the Dean, Vice Deans and Directors. In the 2016-2020 mandate, the managerial team is the following:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Octavian Thor
Prof. Marius Stoia-DjeskaVice
Conf. Petrișor PârvuVice
S.l. Cristian ConstantinescuVice
Conf. Laurențiu Moraru Vice
Prof. Sterian DănăilăDirector of the "Elie Carafoli" Department of Aerospace
Prof. Adrian StoicaDirector of the "Nicolae Tipei" Department of Aeronautical Systems Engineering.

Director of the FAE Doctoral School.
Prof. Ionel SimionDirector of the Department of Engineering Graphics and Industrial
Prof. Teodor Viorel ChelaruDirector of the Research Center for Aeronautics and
Florica Bică Chief
Eng. Sorin PopescuChief

The Vice Deans have specific attributions: Attributions of Vice Deans (in Romanian)

The Faculty Executive Board (BEF) consists of Dean, Vice Deans and the Director of the Doctoral School. This gathers weekly and takes tactical decisions to keep the faculty operating.

Decisions of BEF in the mandate 2016-2020 (in Romanian)

Dean’s Report 2016-2020

State of the Faculty 2020 Annual Report (in Romanian)

State of the Faculty 2019 Annual Report (in Romanian)

State of the Faculty 2018 Annual Report (in Romanian)

Dean’s Managerial Program 2016-2020 (in Romanian)


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